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November 15, 2022

Vitest With laravel-vite-plugin on Bitbucket Pipelines

So I've got a web application I've been working on for a while. Laravel, Inertia, Vue, Jetstream, all that good stuff. I've set up the front end build with Vite according to the standard docs , which...


October 4, 2021

Building and Deploying Jigsaw with Bitbucket Pipelines

When I set up my new Blog, I wanted a few things: Content is just a bunch of markdown files in git. Serverless HTTPS hosting that needs no maintenance. Git push to publish. Tighten Co's Jigsaw...


September 7, 2021

Publishing Docker Containers to Amazon ECR with Bitbucket Pipelines

I've been using a virtually identical container setup in a few different projects. Up til now, I've just been copy/pasting the full container build configuration into each project and trying to...