September 7, 2021

Publishing Docker Containers to Amazon ECR with Bitbucket Pipelines

I've been using a virtually identical container setup in a few different projects. Up til now, I've just been copy/pasting the full container build configuration into each project and trying to remember to update each whenever they change. That was fine...


July 8, 2015

Convert VirtualBox VM to KVM

This post outlines the procedure to convert a (Linux) vm from VirtualBox to KVM. Preferably VMs would be built on KVM directly, but this is the process used to migrate a VM built prior to standing up KVM infrastructure into KVM. Much was learned during...


July 27, 2021

Everything Old... Is New Again

Welcome to the new! I decided it's time to fire up the ol' blog again because there's a few things I wanted to write about and share. And in the process of re-starting it again it...


January 6, 2010

Red5 and Apache Axis web service client crashes

First post in a very long time, but I just wanted to document for the world something I've run into and was stumped by for a while. The solution isn't documented anywhere specifically regarding Red5...


October 24, 2007

Building a Complete CodeIgniter Application: Part 3

I left you at the end of part 2 with the news that there was a large security hole in the work we'd done so far. Readers who've done a bit of web development in the past should recognise the...


September 23, 2007

Building a Complete CodeIgniter Application: Part 2

This is the second installment in a series called "Building a Complete CodeIgniter application". In this series I'll walk readers through the construction of a complete AJAX application using the...


September 21, 2007

CodeIgniter and External Resources

There's been a couple of posts on the CI forums recently about either controllers running twice or external resources (such as images, css, or javscript) not loading. Whenever I've run into this...


September 10, 2007

Building a Complete CodeIgniter Application

Over the coming weeks/months I'm going to write a series of blog posts describing the construction of a complete AJAX application using the CodeIgniter framework. I've chosen to build a multi-user...