September 7, 2021

Publishing Docker Containers to Amazon ECR with Bitbucket Pipelines

I've been using a virtually identical container setup in a few different projects. Up til now, I've just been copy/pasting the full container build configuration into each project and trying to...


July 27, 2021

Everything Old... Is New Again

Welcome to the new! I decided it's time to fire up the ol' blog again because there's a few things I wanted to write about and share. And in the process of re-starting it again it...


July 8, 2015

Convert VirtualBox VM to KVM

This post outlines the procedure to convert a (Linux) vm from VirtualBox to KVM. Preferably VMs would be built on KVM directly, but this is the process used to migrate a VM built prior to standing up...


January 6, 2010

Red5 and Apache Axis web service client crashes

First post in a very long time, but I just wanted to document for the world something I've run into and was stumped by for a while. The solution isn't documented anywhere specifically regarding Red5...