The Dunking and Conference Close

Jim O'Halloran • January 18, 2004


At lunchtime I wandered down to the lawns to watch Linus being dunked, which was all good fun. Linus was a good sport about the whole thing. After Linus, the other significant members of the community took their turns, including Rasmus, Tridge and Rusty. Lunch was provided, but their was a fair line up for the barbie.

The best of talks were a bit of a loss because I'd already seen the SCO vs IBM and Tridge's junk code talk. In the end I went and saw tridge again.

Finally came time for the conference close, where all the sponsors were thanked, and winners were announced. Geoffrey Bennett won the hack fest, and a nice prize it was to, a $40k server from IBM. Way to go Geoff!

All in all I had an absolute ball at Linux.Conf.Au 2004. Thanks to all of the organisers and volunteers for putting on such an incredibly good event! Now to see if I can go again next year.