Building a Complete CodeIgniter Application

Jim O'Halloran • September 10, 2007

php codeigniter feedignition

Over the coming weeks/months I'm going to write a series of blog posts describing the construction of a complete AJAX application using the CodeIgniter framework. I've chosen to build a multi-user Feed Reader, which I'll call " Feedignition". Feed Readers seem to be the new "hello world", and there's good feed parsing libraries available which allow us to concentrate on the application itself without having to worry about the myriad of details involved in actually parsing of a feed. That leaves us free to explore a number of topics which will be of interest to anyone building applications with CodeIgniter.

I'll assume you're familiar with PHP programming, and have a PHP development environment already set up on your machine, including web server, MySQL database, and so forth.

I'll post the series in parts as I write it, but I won't commit to a schedule for new parts. All code in this series (including the final product) is released under the terms of the GNU GPL.

If you're not subscribed to one of my RSS feeds, check back here for new parts of the series. I'll update this post whenever new parts have been posted.

The code from this unfinished tutorial series is now available on GitHub.

NOTE (16/10/2021): I've just published two more parts of this tutorial. They were written many years ago, and for some reason remained unpublished. However, the series isn't finished with these new posts, and at this point I don't plan to finish writing it. I hope there's some value in this unfinished project.