January 14, 2004

PostgreSQL 7.4 and Advanced SQL

The real business part of the Linux.Conf.Au started off with a tutorial from Gavin Sherry (Alcove Systems Engineering) covering "PostgreSQL 7.4 and advanced SQL features". I'd done a little bit of...


January 14, 2004 Opening

The first "real" day of Linux.Conf.Au started out with some opening remarks from Linux.Conf.Au organiser (one of many) Michael Davies. The winner of the national Sun Regional Delegate price was...


January 13, 2004

IPv6 MiniConf - Day 2

Today was a more hands on introduction to IPv6. John Barlow the Advanced Communications Services Coordinator for AARnet gave all of today's presentations and started out the day with "IPv6 101 Hands...


January 12, 2004

IPv6 MiniConf - Day 1

Just finished up at the first day of Linux.Conf.Au 2004… Well, the first day of the mini-conferences anyway. The real conference gets under way on Wednesday morning. I spent today in the IPv6...