January 6, 2010

Red5 and Apache Axis web service client crashes

First post in a very long time, but I just wanted to document for the world something I've run into and was stumped by for a while. The solution isn't documented anywhere specifically regarding Red5...


October 24, 2007

Building a Complete CodeIgniter Application: Part 3

I left you at the end of part 2 with the news that there was a large security hole in the work we'd done so far. Readers who've done a bit of web development in the past should recognise the...


September 23, 2007

Building a Complete CodeIgniter Application: Part 2

This is the second installment in a series called "Building a Complete CodeIgniter application". In this series I'll walk readers through the construction of a complete AJAX application using the...


September 21, 2007

CodeIgniter and External Resources

There's been a couple of posts on the CI forums recently about either controllers running twice or external resources (such as images, css, or javscript) not loading. Whenever I've run into this...