September 2, 2003

Perl for Football Tipping - Final Siren

A while back I posted my perl script for football tipping , then later updated it with some new features . Subsequent web site redeigns by the AFL meant that the HTML parser has since changed, and I...


May 28, 2003

Bayesian Aggregators - Part 2

A couple of days ago, I blogged some thoughts for an aggregator using Bayesian filtering . Since Jeremy pointed to it on his Blog, its received quite a bit of attention. Scott Johnson (of Feedster...


May 26, 2003

Bayesian Filtering in Aggregators?

I blogged this mainly because I wanted a reference to the original "A Plan for Spam" paper on Bayesian Filtering, and the follow up "Better Bayesian Filtering" , both by Paul Graham. I've been...


March 28, 2003

Perl for Football Tipping

The AFL footy season is upon us again, which in most offices means football tips... I don't follow the footy, but I do go in the tipping comps for a bit of fun. The AFL web site has an "Expert Tips"...