Published April 22nd, 2004 by Jim O'Halloran

Open Source Accounting Apps

I’m currently looking for a simple web based accounting application. The system should be suitable for a small primarily service based business. Some inventry control might be helpful, but primarily I need a way to bill for services. Essential requirements are…

  • Invoicing
  • Debtors
  • Cash Book
  • Open Source
  • Ease of use for people unfamiliar with accounting concepts.

Additionaly I’d also like the following features…

  • Australian GST Compliance - Production of a legal tax invoice, and reports that give me the numbers I need to my BAS (Business Activity Statement)
  • Web based for easy remote access.
  • Can email Invoices and Remittances
  • Scheduled Invoicing Features

I’m reasonably flexible on the optional stuff, provided the source for the system is good, and reasonably hackable then I’d be prepared to invest some time in adding the optional features. With those features in mind, this is what I found…

So far in my search I’ve looked at Noguska’s NOLA, but found the invoicing function in that was a nightmare to use. Too many steps required to produce an invoice, and the actual line items entry screen was almost incomprehensible.

ARIA - Accounting Receiving and Inventory Administration is a fork of NOLA with a somewhat cleaner UI. It still retains some of the awkwardness of its parent NOLA, but its certainly an improvement. However the ARIA menu system now only works with Internet Explorer, whereas NOLA worked quite happily with FireFox.

NETaccounts is a Australian subscription based service. Its not open source, and seems to be hosted on Windows servers (ASP). Its reasonably easy to use, although it has a few little annoyances such as not attempting to allocate invoice numbers automatically. Also invoices are always generated without your own company details on the top. This is great if you want to print them on your own letterhead, but does mean that if you email the invoice it won’t conform to the legal requirements for a GST Tax Invoice. Overall, not a bad service, but not being open source means I can’t fix what bothers me. I’d also prefer to host my own accounting system. Finally, despite claiming compatibility with Firebird, some aspects of the NETAccounts site did not work on Mozilla FireFox.

CK-Ledger is built on top of phpGroupware. I like the idea of building the accounting system on top of a groupware suite, as I can see the great potential for small businesses if Contacts, To Do lists, and Accounting data are all available through a common system. However CK-Ledger doesn’t seem to make use of any of the underlying groupware functionality, instead using phpGroupware as a display framework for their own modules. I found the CK-Ledger interface fairly complex, and difficult to navigate (partially in German). It also doesn’t seem to support printing or emailing of invoices in any way.

Compiere is a very comprehensive looking application. However its overkill for what I’m looking for, and is not web based.

SQL-Ledger is a relatively easy to use accounting system. It seems to be more of a double entry accounting system than I would like (i.e. a lot of accounting stuff gets in the way of simple invoice and expense entry). However once you spent a bit of time with it, it would probably be resonably easy to use. Its built in tax facilities should be able to cope with the Australian GST, although the emailing and printing of invoices didn’t work on the online demo I used so I couldn’t verify that it would meet GST Tax invoice requirements.

PHPBalanceSheet seems to be in its infancy, and possibly has been abandoned. Its introduction reads more like a personal finance program than a small business system though. No online demo is provided, so I didn’t dig into this system any further, Similarly, XIWA (XIWA Is Web Accounting) has no demo system or screen shots available which makes evaluation difficult. Equally, EzyBiz has a demo system, but doesn’t tell you the username and password required to access it. Acording to the ir web site EzyBiz is based on ossuite.

WEB-ERP has a really slick looking interface, but its insistance on an Order Entry then turn the order into an Invoice process makes it unsuitable for my needs. However its the only system I’ve seen so far which will handle customer statements!

OpenAccounting has a nice interface and seems pretty quick as well. It’s sales process has the same order entry then invoice model as Web-ERP, but its the first sales screen that I’ve seen which is actually usable in terms of design. Still the invoicing process is all wrong for what I want.

PHP Point Of Sale has a really nice looking interface and very simple invoicing process. If anything its simplicity is its downside, there are no facilities to print invoices, change prices, and other basic sales functions. Also lacking is any sort of reporting on Tax collected, although there is some tax calculation support, so it might be possible to fix this.

MyPhpMoney is a basic personal finances manager. Its interface is reasonably good, but its quite difficult to use. It would appear that the English test was written by someone with a limited grasp of the language. The translation could be fixed, but its difficult to get a feel for the system as it is.

There were a lot of other projects listed on SourceForge which I didn’t look at because they had no end user site, hadn’t released any files, or had no demo. In other words there were a lot of dead looking projects on SourceForge which I didn’t spend any time evaluating. All in all though it looks like theres a hole in the market at the moment which Open Source isn’t meeting. There really isn’t any sort of simple accounting system which would suit a small service based business! More thought required on this matter I think.

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    Phil Daintree Says


    This a great summary of your findings on service oriented accounting systems on sourceforge.

    I developed web-erp, open-accounting is a development of web-erp with multi-language support. Interested in your assessment of my system. Creating the order means there is no other entries to be made to create the invoice. It is a two or three click exercise once the items to be invoiced have been selected on the order. The system appears geared around physical inventory, although I would encourage you to explore “dummy” items which allow for service entries like time to be invoiced.

    It is in use by at least one Australian company and handles Australian GST even allowing for some of the oddities with food etc.


  2. 2

    Royce Says

    Have you looked at lazy8 ledger or GnuCash? I’m a newbie to open source and not interested in programming or compiling, but I do like free software!

  3. 3

    Wil Says

    Hi Jim
    Thank for the comprehensive reviews. I am also looking for something similar to you being an Australian.
    Were you able to find what you are looking for?

  4. 4

    Adam Fitzgerald Says


    I am currently developing a Web based accounting package (starting simple to run our service based business, then expanding if necessary as needs come by). Initial features would be PDF invoices, GST reporting, balance sheets etc, reconciliation and double entry accounting.

    Certainly would be able to email invoices etc.

    This would be developed in PHP/MySQL but pricing/subscriptions etc have not been worked out, even if that is viable. At first it is jsut to manage our business, then options from there. Trying to gauge interest at this stage! Sounds a bit like what you’re looking for though.

  5. 5

    mark Says

    I liked your quest. Can you advise me of any open source package or developments that allow for investments, unit trusts or superannuation?

  6. 6

    Jim O'Halloran Says


    I didn’t find anything which dealt specifically with Investments, etc. I wasn’t really specifically looking for one though… Try MyPHPMoney though, that seemed to be more oriented towards personal finance, and is probably the most likely to have what you’re after.


  7. 7

    Jonathan Says

    I’m not sure when this page was created, but TurboCASH accounting software became open source in July 2003. It is fully-featured small- to medium-sized business accounting software with debtors, creditors, stock control, general ledger etc. You might want to check it out.

  8. 8

    Dave Says

    I’ve been looking for a linux-based accounting system to replace our win-based Adman suite. We’re dumping NetWare, and if I can’t find something to run on linux (if php/web based), we’ll have to get a win2003 server which is the LAST thing i want to do. Prob is, it must be well-suited for an ad-agency. Time tracking, BIP, time categories, that sort of thing. I’d pay someone to take a generic one and customize it for us if I could find something nearly suitable. At this point, I’m throwing my hands up in the air. Oh, did I mention we want to dump all win desktops? Web-based would be good - we have a few Macs…

  9. 9

    Tim Moore Says

    did you hear any more on compiere?

    I am looking at it for a major corp.

    Looking for any feedback


  10. 10

    Aaron Trevena Says

    Dave - I think I know somebody who might be interested in customising one for you - contact me via (aaron at droogs dot org) and I would be interested in knowing what requirements your organisation has because some friends are looking at writing some software for marketing/ad/creative houses like yours that aims to fill that gap (either hosted on a local linux box or on the web).

    Also - I am looking for something like Lazy8 (x-platform, open source) for my wife to do basic double entry and/or small VAT accounting for her dads small business.

    Lazy8 looks good but if there is anything more designed to fit in with UK accounting for SOHO that would be cool

  11. 11

    Seb James Says

    Anyone who’s looking for a UK accounting app, have a look at phporganisation. php/mysql based and GPLed.

  12. 12

    Byron Mayorga Says

    I have found , a NOLA modified version… I’ll start checking it

  13. 13

    Matthew Stiltner Says

    I must admit, I’m terribly disappointed with the Accounting package options available for Linux. The only viable solution I found for my total uses even as a small business was OSAS, which as was told to me by the company runs $500 PER MODULE, PER CLIENT. So a 2 client license of say 5 modules would run me $5000. Just absurd. I’d be willing to fund Open Source Development on an Accounting system thats viable and professional with a web based module if I thought it would truly be able to develop into a good platform.

    Frankly in all my years the best Accounting system I ever seen was Accpac BPI-Accounting for DOS. Nothing wrong with text based for single user environment. Maybe with the ability to output to XML or HTML, it still would be a viable option in that regard?

  14. 14

    Greg Says

    Very nice writeup and research.

    I have the exact same objectives/requirements as your review and it’s now almost 1 year since your article here. I’ve spent the last several days looking for software and am disapointed to report that not much has changed. There are now a few options which are web hosted, but I’m not comfortable putting my business info in someone elses hands. Furthermore the web hosting option is expensive, ranging from ~$50.00 - ~$150.00 USD a month. At these rates I could buy an expensive CRM/Accounting package. It does appear the hole in the Open Source market for good accounting software still exists.

    Thanks for your efforts and opinions.

  15. 15

    Nicholas Gerber Says

    We are taking the Web-ERP software and turning it into a web ASP model. Plan on having the beta up and running in May 2005 and to only charge $2/month/user.

    Please come by, check it out, and give us feedback on how to improve the product. Would love to have users around the world find it usefull.

    The first addition we made was to enable people to import and export their data in .xml and Quickbooks format.

  16. 16

    Arun Tibrewal Says

    Very Nice blog…

    I am seeking advice on availability of opensource accounting software. This will run online and will be a completely web based on Linux OS

    Kindly visit my site at to know more about us and our company

  17. 17

    Philip Copeman Says

    We are the developers of TurboCASH Accounting - GNU GPL.

    1) We are looking for Australian partners to support and promote in Australia.

    2) I find all PHP based accoutning clunky and cumbersome. Whiel we love PHP and do use it extensively oursleves. We develop in Delphi. We have come up with a P2P modle that lets single users share the Accounting Data over the Web see more on ourt web site

    3) We have strong links to OSCommerce.

  18. 18

    Steve Says

    That’s a good list of accounting apps. Our company develops and markets an accounting package for small to medium size businesses. Although it is targeted mainly to the wholesale/distribution business, it can be used by many different types of businesses. It is multi-bank, multi-currency, multi-company and has the ability to be multi-language. The main modules are: A/R, A/P, G/L, Sales Orders, Purchasing and Invoicing/Inventory Control. Specialty modules include EDI, Service Calls and Bill of Materials (light manufacturing). There is a System module that gives the administrator complete control over the whole application. Security is log-in based and users only see the modules or functions that have permission to use.

  19. 19

    momo Says

    Extremely well done and useful blog.

    I am looking at one step acounting. It seems simple, but I am not usre what I will find when I start using it. I also really want a very simple budget: income, fixed expenses, reserve for unexpected expenses, invoicing, of course running balance.

    I will let you if that is doable (simply) with one-step accounting.


  20. 20

    Jesper Says

    Interesting overview

    I have been using GnuCash for 1 year in my 1 person consulting company

    Exept for a the missing “close book” feature I have been able to handle all transactions

    The strength in GnuCash is that it can be used with very little knowledge of bookkeeping


  21. 21

    Clive Says


    This article replicates exactly the search I made with the same results. The only difference is that my requirements are to meet French Accounting Rules. I tried SQL Ledger for a wile but feel that I am stuck with EBP on Windows until I can find a better solution. What I would really like is something with a single entry allocating to relavent accounts Microsoft Money.
    I have had a go a using gnucash but this is not really suited for producing VAT returns and final accounts

  22. 22

    Ron Nissley Says

    Did you ever check out Quasar from Linux Canada? I don’t know much about it–stumbled upon it recently. The little I’ve read about it sounds promising.

  23. 23

    Ron Nissley Says

    I should have included the URL. It’s

  24. 24

    Steven Boothe Says

    Hmmm, it’s been almost a year and a half since your initial post. I wonder how the search went, and what you ultimately came up with.

    For myself, I’ve recently been on the same quest as I look to start my own home based computing consulting business.

    SugarCRM still doesn’t have the opportunity to generate invoices as far as I can tell.

    I’ve looked at web-erp and while I can see the potential for handling some of the accounting, it doesn’t appear to have the CRM component that I also want.

    So at the moment I am looking at Centraview, which you didn’t seem to cover in your review from last year. It is java based at the server side rather than php, but it is also OSI certified open source too.

    I’m thinking this is the next likely candidate for me since SugarCRM didn’t have the invoicing. I liked SugarCRM so much I installed it and have been using it for about a week, but was surprised when I couldn’t find any way to generate an invoice or do billing. Centraview looks more promising in this respect, but possibly overkill in others.

    Anyway, just thought I would pass this along.


    Steven Boothe

  25. 25

    fubar Says

    Alas and goddam. There appears to be no good accounting/billing/CRM/inventory/ERP system on Earth. All of those functions are so complex in and of themselves– let alone combined into one system– that the only choice is to roll something custom.

    This reminds me of 10 years ago when I was involved with a business choosing commercial business software (for a minicomputer, we ended up choosing ASK/MANMAN). Basically, nothing off-the-shelf is worth a shit. You have to customise *extensively* to make it fit your business.

    That said, open source is great for this. I’m still looking though. I hate to have to roll my own from scratch, but it looks like I’m heading that way.

  26. 26

    Steven Boothe Says

    I’ve just discovered PHPcoin. Hey this one looks a bit closer to the mark… Hmm.

  27. 27

    Paul Harris Says

    I have been looking for an open source accounting package as well. I need a web-based solution, and have found SQL-Ledger and WebERP. I have both up and running now on a PostgreSQL db (steep learning curve for a newbie like me) and I’m trying to decide.

    For accounting and CRM, the folks at XRMS are in the process of doing an interface to link XRMS (a great CRM app) with SQL-Ledger. They are also connecting XRMS to OWL (a powerful, web-based document storage system).

    There are some incredible things going on in open source!

  28. 28

    cabenet Accounting Says

    Have developed something that might fit your purpose. Certified for Trust Accounting. Not open source but very flexible. Would love some feed back.
    Terry Gifford developer.

  29. 29

    Mr Bo Jangles Says

    It’s now February 2006 - any further updates on the ‘holy grail’ of a good, modifiable, web-based accounting package?

  30. 30

    Wilson Says

    I am looking for a simple java web base accounting software for personal/business use. I don’t have too much knowledge on accounting even thought I want to develop a new one. Can anybody help?

  31. 31

    Cody Says

    Hi Everyone

    Just wanted to know who everyone is going with the search for a web based ERP system. I’m looking for something which can be installed on a basic virtual web hosting account that way their is know need to maintain hardware. My company is currently using Netsuite ( but costing a $8k a year for the basic version it is becoming very expensive.

    Anybody know of a similar program that it out their?

  32. 32

    Alain Says

    I am looking for a similar CRM/ERP driven by a PHP/MySQL engine.
    The best one I found so far (easy to instal, not too difficult to understand
    what is under the bonnet, easy to use with the front end,…etc) is PhpOrganisation. The web site is /
    However, I need this tool with the French language. Does anyone know if this opensource has been translated? I could not find a core module regarding the main variables…Should not be too hard to do that in PHP??!!
    Please let me know.
    PS:I am going to try SugarCRM, will post my view soon.

  33. 33

    Cody Says

    Everyone might like to read this post:

  34. 34

    Cody Says

    I would recommend Opentaps as it seems the best I have found so far:

  35. 35

    Paul Says

    Hello Jim,

    We have a company but doing business under a number of DBA’s. We’re looking for a web based accounting application that will facilitate tracking them individually as well as cumulatively. Have you come across something like this? Or, is this something that is done via GL codes?


  36. 36

    Sam Says


    I am also looking for an open source GL package to integrate with an application that I am developing for a charity. While I am developing the app to manage the other fucntions of a charity they need the app to update the GL in real time becasue they want thier donors to view the account status.

    Also, they need to produce reports in different formats (for internal use and to fulfill satutary requirements).

    Is there any GL package that will fullfil my needs. Please keep in mind that this software is developed for free for a charity, hence the need for an open source package/component.

    Thanks in advance.

  37. 37

    Wayn Says


    bambooinvoice is a little invoicing program that you might be interested in. The use of AJAX is great. Just a heads up that you need PHP 5 to run bamboo so just check you server.


  38. 38

    Michelle Says

    I have the following need. Does anyone know whoanyone who might be interested? The role is based in South east UK
    My client has an urgent requirement for a Manman Applications Support Consultant for a 12 month contract in their office in the South East. The ideal candidate will have experience of applications support at database level, Manman version 5.7 and experience of MRP modules. The current phase of the project is pre migration and experience of working on bespoke applications will be a distinct advantage. Let me know:

  39. 39

    Frank Says

    I had to give up and just buy a copy of Quickbooks. There really isn’t anything that’s equivalent in the open source world.

  40. 40

    dude Says

    Dear Cody,

    for an Australian netsuite replacement at about 1/5 of the price.

    Hope this helps..

  41. 41

    Rick Says

    I was very interested to find this blog having written something similar a few days ago after discussing the problem of lack of open source accounting software for Linux: my blog on the subject . I’m still looking, I can’t believe this hasn’t been done well yet (at least not that I’ve found). I think a MySQL core and a Java front end would be perfect).

  42. 42

    jim Says


    I’ve taken an interest in BambooInvoice recently. Its simple, web based and built on a nice MVC framework which should make it easy to work on and extend. The basic tax stuff would support Australian GST out of the box, but it needs a bit of work to generate a BAS, etc. I’m looking at extending it to meet my needs (which are still basically what I outlined in my original blog post almost 3 years ago now). Maybe that’s a good place to start.

    Like you though, I think the lack of a decent small business accounting package is holding back Linux adoption in small business, especially with the market so heavily dominated by MYOB. I worked with other accounting packages for 9 years, and having done a bit of work lately with MYOB, I’ve found its got some serious shortcomings, yet everyone seems to use it!


  43. 43

    shaded Says

    It is now january 2007 and still nothing.

  44. 44

    Derek Allard Says

    Hello All.

    I’m the developer of BambooInvoice. Thanks firstly for your interest. That little thing started as a proof of concept, then evolved into a “scratch my own itch”, and has now developed a pretty loyal userbase. Sometime this quarter (ie: next few months) I’ll be releasing a pretty substantial update to it, and I’d welcome feedback and/or feature requests. There is a blog entry about it, and that’s probably your best spot to leave feedback right now -

  45. 45

    Jim Johnson Says

    I took a look at TurboCASH and posted a review on my blog at . The outcome? - I chose not to use it.

  46. 46

    John Leishman Says

    Interesting blog. We have integrated SugarCRM and Sql Ledger by using a “bridge” that takes data (Meetings) out of Sugar and displays them in an easier formt. This then allows our technicians to invoice at the customers site which then posts into the appropriate Sql-Ledger database. It has cost a bit of money but we are just in the final stages changing our hard coded custom interface (bridge) into a modular backend that anyone could use in a service based organization. it can handle most tax types (to my knowledge). It is NOT a true ERP but like a lot of people we needed a fairly simple accounting package coupled with a CRM and it had to be web based. We have had a couple IT companies interested in the product as we have customized Sugar CRM to be able to see all the technicians calendars over a 3 day time period based on assigned Postal Code to the technician. I spent 4 months looking for the perfect package and Compiere was the only i would have considered but it was just too complex.

  47. 47

    Raphael Alla Says

    Hi Cody,

    take a look at blueerp (, a project building on top of egroupware that would fulfill all your requirements, especially the one of ‘ease of use’. It is based on ck-erp, with mostly updates to the ui. It is developped in Australia and supports out of the box GST acounting.

  48. 48

    Matthew Campbell Says

    I can’t believe that TinyERP hasn’t yet been mentioned. A great open source ERP package out of Belgium with a Server + Client component, written in Python with a Postgres backend.

    It now has a Web frontend built using Turbogears MVC framework also… NO GST tax tables yet, but I am investigating and will release if I decide to use it myself.

  49. 49

    Pritesh Patel Says

    I prefer something like GNUCash; I prefer the software not being based on web technology and so therefore avoiding access to accounting data from the web. I appreciate that there may be specific scenarios where this is required but I don’t think that it is an appropriate software stack for a standard/default solution.

  50. 50

    Din Says

    Tried vTiger ?

    No comment yet. Still trying. First impression, nice interface with comprehensive AJAX implementation. Features…investigating.

  51. 51

    wooter Says

    Am trying vTiger, and it looks promising. Most features are easily accessible, but it is more of a CRM than accounting software, and some tasks like PDF output look nice, but are hard to modify to one’s liking. I would not feel bad for chipping in some of my own coding for the PDF area, but I am more looking into an actual web-based accounting solution. As such, osCommerce (a fork of TurboCash!) has all the goods, but requires a firebird database and is a thick client.

    Looking further…

  52. 52

    wooter Says

    I’m sorry, not osCommerce, but osFinancials is a good accounting-program, but requires firebird and is a thick client…

  53. 53

    HuanHV Says

    Dear my friends!

    Today I continue to find out solution for my needs, that is:
    - An accounting software
    - An multi-store management
    - An eCommerce website that restrict information from db
    All of them are web-based software, can you help me find one open source products?

    Many thanks!

  54. 54

    Cornelius Says

    While searching for similar solutions, I came across PostBooks — an accounting, ERP, and CRM solution.

    PostBooks is an Open Source package that uses Postgres on the backend with most of the logic in DB functions, and uses a Qt desktop app for the frontend. This isn’t exactly web-based, but it is multi-user and runs on linux, windows, and mac.

    Because the code is open source and the logic is contained in the database, it should be pretty easy [sic] to create a web interface (even customized for your business) that connects to the backend.

    I prefer software with good documentation, and this package appears to have detailed docs.

    I’ve not tried PostBooks myself, but I thought I’d mention it as it seems to fit the requirements of multiple users on this thread.

  55. 55

    Rick Says

    I am working on writing my own accounting software basically for ISP billing as well as for providing technical support services. Started out as a simple PHP front-end with MySQL keeping track of users, invoices, transactions, etc. Have perl generating invoices on the command line. It has grown organically over the last few months and I kind of hit a brick wall due to the fact that I know absolutely nothing about real-world accounting. Just about every customer has called me saying “I don’t understand my invoice.” I am thinking at this point I need a coding buddy who knows accounting. I have looked at many open-source solutions as to not have to re-invent the wheel. Unfortunately, the scope of most of these projects are either too broad as to try to meet everybody’s needs, or too specific and doesn’t have the features I need. That is why I have been working on my own.

  56. 56

    Brad Says

    Hi fellow cash and customer management seekers!

    I have found a nifty little app that can be used locally or on the web. Its free for all and very very simple.
    It may not have all the functions required, however for a simple account management and invoicing program its great.

    simple invoices is still being built but is at a stage where it works. The developers are very open to new ideas and functions to build into the code. Its certainly worth trying out, although I don’t believe it will fulfill all of the initial requirements of the first post it will certainly help people looking for a basic account and invoicing system, with some additional reporting.

  57. 57

    Brad Says

    oops heres the url the developers are Australian.

  58. 58

    Sue Says

    Anybody know anything about french Accounting software, I have heard that they do one in english? does anybody know what it’s called. Can someone please explain what is open sorce, this is a minefield but I need to learn a french pakage ASAP. Thanks in advance

  59. 59

    Clinton Says

    I have exactly the same requirements as Jim initially. I am creating an e-commerce website that is a front for a number of wholesalers all with a common thread. I require a software package that ideally would integrate into an existing mysql, php and apache xp machine that allows for invoicing and just general accounting. I am Australian and would love it to be compatible with the tax system but it does not need to generate BAS initially, but have the scope down the track

  60. 60

    Aditya Says

    Hey I have heard that sugarCRM is coming up with great new accounting features..?
    plus sales capturing etc..

  61. 61

    I J Says

    Just the blog I was looking for! Thanks a bunchski.

  62. 62

    SharkGirl Says

    Jim, I realize your comment is old, but I’m hoping you’re still keeping up with this blog. What solution did you find for ISP billing?

    I am considering a venture marketing an ISP but expensive accounting systems are out of the question, as I’m in a difficult financial situation.

    I had QuickBooks, but computer runs MS Vista now, which is not compatible with QB. I just learned yesterday the only solution is to upgrade to QB 7. That too is out of the question.

    I need an accounting software. I want open source with modules that can be built as needed, or installed if already built, much like what ZenCart does for online shopping; and also what IntegraMod does for forums.

    I want the customers to be able to do their own account management, i.e., pay their bills on line, update their contact info, change their ISP plans, etc.

    If you’re developing something of this nature, I may know a programmer who will chip in and help you.

    He owns the ISP.

  63. 63

    SharkGirl Says

    Sorry, my above message was to Rick, not Jim.

  64. 64

    Ashraf Ali Says

    We are a Software Developer company and needs a web based, small, open source accounting software. Please suggest.

  65. 65

    mark Says

    Trying to figure out the accountancy side of things is impossible. We thought we had found the best software on the planet with Quasar but it doesnt work with UK cash based accounting.
    we have multi supplier per product multi pricing per customer needs, we’d love to be able to scan all invoices into a document mgt system linked to the accounts but it is virtually impossible to find such a product. We now also need a sales tracking solution that will try and link to the accounts as well.
    the final wish would be website integration as we have a number of sites. If anyone has any ideas let me know, or if you need more info on quasar pop along and see me /


  66. 66

    Bill Says

    I’m surprised no one has looked at AllocPSA. You can see it at

    It has service type hourly invoicing, with cost rates and invoice rates, and it also has a separate expense system. You do have to do some setup work and define your own criteria, and the expense system is “buried” but it seems to work pretty well.

  67. 67

    Bongo man Says

    I am investigating It has crm, accounting, and a website tied to it. Also tied to a datawarehouse system. A friend of mine has looked at the architecture and it seems solid. Anyone has looked at it?

  68. 68

    Vince Says

    Try which is excellent but a little too extensive for my needs. However, now using Badger which is brilliant!

  69. 69

    Jairus Maloba Openda Says

    Anyone with simple needs for invoicing tracking one stock/inventory item and also offering services with more than one tax option should google ‘onestep accounting 4′
    Its perfect and trully FREE

  70. 70

    George R Says

    Hi all,

    I have been reading this blog with some interest, yet again similar to other’s experiences, mine is the same with one exception I have found one Paid Open Source application, you can white label and conforms to AU, ZA, US and UK (and others) accounting requirements, being GAAP IAS and IFRS compliant. I am currently considering this for my vertical market requirements.

    A fully fledged accounting with a simple CRM can be found here
    and a basic system can be found at Both are from the same vendor.

    These cost but sometimes it does help to pay.

    I hope this helps some

  71. 71

    Darren Says

    i also run a small australian service business. i also have been looking for a solution for about 4 years. i have written a spec , and have a wireframe modles of the exact system we require. the huge feature that we require is intergration with VOIP. because all our work starts as a customer phone call , we are building a system that tracks the ‘job’ from the “hello i have a problem can you help me” to the cha-ching invoice being paid. i started to develop phreebooks which is a great open source package. but now i am paying a developer to roll our own in php and mysql (we are using code igniter) any body that is interested in my progress can email me darren at sra dot com dot au

    ohh yes in case your wondering budget , well our 1st attempt was to pay for development of phreebooks we ripped up about AU$20K , now we are starting again and have committed AU$35K we are a mum and dad service business with 2 staff , so this is really some serious business investment for us.

    all the best

  72. 72

    Fred Blauer Says

    You should look at Postbooks from xTuple. I have evaluated and tested a number of open source accounting and erp systems, and posted a lot of information here:
    I hope you find this useful.

  73. 73

    steve Says


    PHPAccounts is the one for you it does me good.

  74. 74

    Ap.Muthu Says

    FrontAccounting is OpenSource and Free. It is also available as an OpenVZ container - checkout the community contribs at

  75. 75

    Anthonyc Says

    Great blog. I have a new business I am launching and I am looking for online accounting application and crm. I need a system that can be white labelled, host ourselves. All the accounting you would expect like payroll etc.

    Secure, clients can log in and see their accounts, calendar, notes and rate our staff. The administrator needs to be able to log in and see aggregate information, contacts and calendars. If we can import quick book or myob files that be fabulous. Any ideas?

  76. 76

    Anthonyc Says

    great post. i am looking for white label accounting/CRM, online open source solution.

    if anyone has some ideas, please share. the business i am starting will require the following features:
    - permit clients to securely login, see their accounts, calendars, and notes.
    - allow client advisors to securely login to perform accounting for clients (multi-currency, P+L, payroll), book appointments with calendars, make notes.
    - allow an administrator to aggregate results from other groups mentioned above.


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